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Being able to do any form of meaningful sport over this past 18 months has been tough for everyone to say the least - the 2020 season in Beijing was pretty much cancelled except for 2 games, as the pandemic took its hold on the world. In times of struggle sometimes you can find something worthwhile - and buy did we ever find it from the wonderful people at Shenzhen Cricket Club - having accepted us for 2 consecutive tours, their hospitality has been incredible, as is their driver for promoting the sport in China.

We are excited to have them come over to Beijing in the summer and have some of that hospitality returned to them, as well as continuing to develop our excellent partnership with Tiger, 4D sports, and Longmans.

4D sports have joined our sponsorship team this year and we look forward to helping them promote and develop cricket within Beijing.

Both tours have been incredible, with highly competitive cricket - the Ducks narrowly missing out on wins in most games but still maintaining great standards - especially in the field!

Looking forward to more of the same in 2021, 2022 and beyond!

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